CuRAZY [クレイジー]


1. もう爪とぎ疲れた・・・

2. 唐突に寝るから変な誤解を(笑)

3. 好奇心より睡眠

Have You Ever Been So Tired

4. 暖かすぎていつの間にか

5. ご主人待ってたのに〜

My cat bent the blinds to look outside too.

6. (もう食べられないにゃ)

I will eat later.

7. 頭に血のぼるよ!(笑)

Yesterday, Felicity slid down a snowy embankment into a fast flowing river. I swam in slushy ice 20 metres to save her:) Here she is, my beautiful princess 🙂

8. お布団の上に乗った瞬間これ

9. んにゃ・・・寝てない寝てない。

They're often like us during the holidays.

10. 結局ソファー登れず

Bought our kitten (Mac) a new £40 bed and walked in to find him asleep like this!

11. 力尽きた感はんぱない

He fell asleep like this

12. 顔から突き刺さりました

Found him asleep like this. Rough life, being a cat.

13. 靴履けない(笑)

Cat Fell Asleep In My Boot Again

14. 冬とかもうハウスから出る前からこれ

My cat fell asleep before he could get down the steps.

15. 最後までDVD観れなかった

My cat fell asleep on the couch

16. 今日は・・・ご主人と・・・いっしょに(ガクッ)

My cat fell asleep like this