CuRAZY [クレイジー]


1. 私の趣味は茶道デス

Pouring some Golden tips Dian Hong 🙂

2. これが日本の正装だと教わりマシタ

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3. 治案が良いのは警察が優秀だからデス!

Enjoy Samurai Cop!Download Movie at: in HD or Streaming at: Description: Joe Marshall and Frank Washington are two police detectives who must stop the ruthless activities of the Katana, a renegade Yakuza gang composed of violent and sadistic killers who want to lead the drug trade in Los Angeles........A number of his films were remade in Italy and the United States as westerns, or as action films set in other contexts. His film Seven Samurai is one of the most important touchstones of the genre and the most well-known outside of Japan.A samurai film must include samurai warriors, sword fighting, and historical setting. Samurai warriors, in film, are differentiated from other warriors by the code of honor, bushido, followed to honor the samurai s leader.Most recently, The Last Samurai, the story being loosely based on the true historical French officer Jules Brunet assisting Japanese samurai in rebellion against the Emperor.Call me thorough, crazy, an enthusiast, or simply a consumer who shows great constraint for not spending any money on one of his favorite things. Whatever you say there’s nothing better than finding something you love to do that’s free.He’ll start doing the math on how much lower he’ll be willing to go if you do come back. If you’ve decided now is the time to buy the car, go back and wait until he offers something extra before you start negotiating again.Official Theatrical trailer for the cult classic SAMURAI COP. A Cinema Epoch Release presented by Gregory Hatanaka & Douglas Dunning. This is the Special Edition DVD!With Mathew Karedas, Mark Frazer, Robert Z Dar, Janis Farley. Joe Marshall and Frank Washington are two police detectives who must stop Much like a total eclipse, Samurai Cop is the sorta film that takes inept filmmaking to levels only seen about once in a generation........ , , , , , , cop lionsamurai gift cardsamurai cop movieswatch samurai cop online freesamurai cop gifssamurai cop costa mesa speedwaysamurai cop costa mesa countrysamurai review summoners warsamurai cop wikisamurai cop trailersamurai torrentssamurai cop 1991 camarowatch samurai cop onlinesamurai cop 1991 supersamurai cop giftsamurai cop costa mesa zip codesamurai gift cardssamurai cop 2: deadly vengeance kickstartersamurai cop reviewsamurai cop review site

4. ディス is ブシドー

The only problem is, the publishing company was a fraud. They didn't ever think something like this could happen, and now they're in debt and need help. They could very well lose their home, their vehicles, their dojo, and their amazing akitas. Please read their story at the link below, and consider donating.

5. 和食、最高ダネ

Squid rings dipped in tempura batter and deep fried! I also made a tangy cocktail sauce and spicy ponzu mayo for a twist on sweet and sour sauces.

6. 私は日本でニンジャ修行を受けてきマシタ

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7. ゲイシャ、ビューティフル!

Looked up tutorials for makeup and hair. Was faster putting on vs trying to get the makeup/hair paint off. How did we do this as kids? lol

8. 日本のアニメ、サイコーデス

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9. スシヘルシー!

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10. 日本は古いものと新しいものを両立する国デス

inspired by "The Last Samurai," this is my back tattoo done by Wes Carter of Carter's Tattoo in Bowling Green, KY. my shoulder blades distort some sections, but you can still tell that its well done. its a cover up of some older, heavy, black tattoos. i've always loved it.

11. オタク is クール!

...I don't have a real cat though 🙁